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Using the “GeoClaim Feature on COIN app.

When I first checked out the COIN app and downloaded it to my android phone, I thought it was cool how I was able to monetize my location as I travel in a few different ways.

For one, I was able to set the geo-mining app to auto-mine each tile that I pass through while my family and I drive down the road. I can enter the GPS destination and view my speed, altitude, and direction while geo-mining the tiles along the path to my destination. When I arrive at my destination, I am rewarded with a “geo drop” that contains a coin bonus.

Another feature you can use while traveling is to use the coins in your coin balance and purchase percentages of the areas that you pass through. You can hold a percentage in no more than 25 areas.

Recently, as we normally do, my wife, myself, and our 3 boys took a trip to Pittsburg about a two-hour drive from where we are. It’s a beautiful city, especially at night. While she was driving, I paid attention to the areas and made sure to purchase shares in each “area” that we passed through.

We ended up passing through 9 areas and I purchased a percentage in each one. Unfortunately, I spaced out and didn’t keep track of how much I spent but I estimate it to have been somewhere around 3200 coins.

I wanted to see if using this feature would pay off. The rewards of that percentage are created from the mining that is done in the area you purchased your percentage in. So, if it is an active area it should create a good flow of coins, or at least that is what I was hoping for.

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After a full week, I ended up gaining a reward of just 682 coins. Far from the investment of over 3,000 that I put down for the percentages in the 9 areas we passed through.

Perhaps I missed something but that was an expensive mistake in terms of coins and how fast you can earn them. Don’t get me wrong though, if you drive, walk, run a lot, and aren’t confined to just one tile you can earn much faster when talking about the mining features. The fastest way to earn coins is to hammer out some surveys. COIN offers a somewhat slim selection, to be honest with survey opportunities coming from inBrain Surveys, BitLabs Surveys, and Tap Research Surveys. Even with the small selection of survey providers you still have an ample amount of surveys to complete to boost your coin balance.

I’m pretty sure that I will shy away from this feature. Now, I do plan on continuing to use the app because I enjoy the ability to earn crypto while traveling, I don’t think purchasing percentages in areas is wise if you want to cash out asap.

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