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Using The FreeCash Bonus Ladder.

FreeCash is one of my favorite sites to earn free money and crypto from. They always have a great contest going on and the values of the surveys, as well as the qualification rate, are far higher than on other similar sites. One of the tips I’ve discovered and I’ll share with you in this post is that the double-or-nothing bonus ladder is best left alone.

The only thing you should use it for is to take the initial coin bonus that is offered, as 9 times or more out of 10 you’ll lose that initial bonus but if you collect the initial bonus without changing it on the double or nothing ladder you’ll earn a lot more.

I tested this over two weeks and I only got to the first double on the ladder twice and ended up losing that when attempting the next level. If I hadn’t I would have earned an extra $0.70 each week Now, I say $.70 cents because I have leveled up as far as you can go to a starting reward of ten cents.

So, if you’re looking for a great site that has paid me dozens of times, check out Freecash but don’t get sucked into the ladder, you’ll only end up losing more than you will ever win.