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Less than 5 hours left to claim your free ōland plot.

Yes, there are less than 5 hours now left before the doors close. #oland claims are ending, the doors are closing. Everyone is on board, but you. Thankfully that is easy to fix. 

All you have to do to claim your 1.67 acre plot of land in the ōland metaverse is to enter your email address. Thats it. After that, you have access to your ōLand account where you can view your plot and its location and start collecting the free ōCash that you are given each day for logging in. You can use that ōCash to upgrade your land.

>>Click here to be transported to ōLand and Claim your free plot of metaverse land.<<

Did I mention that you can sell those upgrades at auction, land plots, and more after the land claim is over to everyone who didn’t join now? Oh, and you’ll be airdropped ōCash equal to the amount of free ōCash you’ve spent upgrading your land plot when the currency goes live.