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How To Scan Receipts on Swagbucks


I’ll admit, it took me a long time to recognize that there was more to that piece of paper that I was handed after purchasing something while at the store than just to show me a list of things I apparently really like.

Come to find out, marketers and the stores themselves really want to know what I bought and what I bought with. It helps give them an insight into my shopping behaviors, the things I like to enjoy, and where I like to buy them. It helps them make better business decisions.

Swagbucks acts as the vessel to bring those marketers and the public together to give the shoppers the ability to earn reward points in exchange for going through the process of scanning and submitting their receipt images.

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It really is a pretty easy process to scan receipts on Swagbucks with the magic rewards section. Not once did I use a scanner to upload my images. If you can take a nice, clear image with your phone that will be acceptable.

The first thing to do is to look through the list of items in your magic receipt dashboard.

Once you’ve gone through the products and added the ones that match the products on the receipt you’re going to upload, you’ll then want to add the items to your “list”. Simply click the add button and the item will be added to your list.

Next, click the “Submit Receipt” button to the right of your shopping cart icon. Note you may have to verify your cell phone number in order to proceed.

Once you click the submit receipt button a window will pop up giving you a selection of stores so you can choose the store that you shopped at.

After you select the store you shopped at and hit next, you’ll be presented with the products that you had added to your list. Select the items that will match the ones on your receipt and click next again.

After you click next you’ll now be ready to upload the image(s) of your receipt. As I said as long as they are clear and you can read the text it should be acceptable.

Once you upload the image of the receipt their system will scan the image and match the products on your list and give you credit for each item it finds in the process. It really is very easy.

Just make sure you save your receipts as my wife does in a plastic bag, then once a week go through and take photos so you can upload them to your Swagbucks account.