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Cointiply Logo is a pretty big and established GPT site having been founded in 2018. They have providing users with dozens of creative ways to earn free money online doing various tasks such as surveys, PTC, app downloads, and most other tasks you’ll find on other sites. Since then they have paid out over $3,000,000 and have a trust pilot rating of EXCELLENT and over 2900 reviews.

Cointiply stands out and makes itself different from the rest by adding quests and the cointiply arena where you can upgrade your profile, collect cards, and more to enhance your earning power on the website.

I recently tested this site to see how quick and easy it really was to generate the required 30,000 coins needed to request a withdrawal to my litecoin address. The process was easy, however, I noticed that the surveys came with a lot of disqualifications compared to other sites such as, and seemed like I was disqualified more often than on other sites for not being of Hispanic origin.

I also noticed that the value of the surveys were a bit lower than I find on other sites. So, what did it take to pull past the 30k coin mark and withdraw my crypto?

It took 13 surveys, with the highest paying survey only letting go of 9832 coins, roughly $0.98. Anything higher was disqualified almost instantly.

Surveys aside, I also rolled the faucet game 11 times, claimed the Cointiply quest coin bonuses 13 times, clicked on PTC links 33 times, and collected various bonuses from completing profiles, chat rain bonuses, and other small coin bonuses. You can see these bonuses and the values in the screenshot below of my earning history. There were a total of 78 transactions on the page.

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Cointiply Quests guide & reward you as you complete tasks on Cointiply desktop and Cointiply mobile.

Get Started With Cointiply Quests!

I requested my payment at 8:54 pm.

I was expecting a possible delay as I was a new user and just requested my first payment. What I didn’t expect was to have a wait of around 5 hours.

So the questions are, does Cointiply pay, and is it a legitimate website to earn money from? The answer is yes. I completed 78 actions on the website and using their android app that resulted in earning coins. It took about 2 days of effort and one day of dedicating a few hours to surveys to get the required 30,000 coins to withdraw as litecoin.

I think it’s a decent site and I’d like to play around with the arena and the card game to increase the earnings potential I can earn. As far as surveys and other tasks the earnings are low, I suspect they are low because you can upgrade your profile to earn more so if you play the game you’ll earn more.

Good luck and let me know how you do with your first payment from cointiply in the comments or in making a post in the community! Want to chat about Cointiply? Check out the FMI community and make a post!

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