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Cointiply Quest Rewards add more exciting game features to getting free money!

The more I use Cointiply the more I find myself stumbling on really cool features that appeal to my gaming side. If you haven’t read my previous post on what it took to get the 30,000 coins to cash out and how that all went click here. These quests will more than help you quickly hit that 30k goal to cash out.

One of my favorite things to do when I download a new game is to check out the quests and see what I need to do in the game to earn the quest bonus. Cointiply is no different. There are over 100 quests split into 5 different categories. Bonuses range in value from 80 coins all the way up to 8,000 coins.

There are no other earnings sites that I am aware of that offer such a diverse collection of creative ways to earn money online. I almost think of it as the next-generation style of earning websites. It’s a lot more fun to not only be completing tasks but to also check on your progress within the quests and collect your bonuses.

Cointiply Quest bonuses

There are as I said 5 categories of quests to complete. Let’s go over each one of them and what each quest type offers below.

Cointiply Quests

The Cointiply quests offer up 19 different quests to complete. In this section, you find reward values ranging from 80 coins all the way up to 1,920 coins.

Tasks are pretty easy to accomplish. Take for example the image above. Simple tasks such as viewing 20 PTC ads, or earning rewards for your first time using the chat feature. If you actively use the site and explore around you’ll notice you’ve got a lot of bonuses to collect.

Most of the quests in this section are based on your first usage of the site and its features, and can only be collected once as you can only do some things once and that’s it like talking in the chat for the first time. You only have one first time to be rewarded for.

Earning Quests

There are 60, yes 60 different earning quests to complete in this section. With coin rewards ranging from 100 to the final quest in this section, earning at least 119000 Coins, for which you’ll earn a 4,800 coin reward.

The point of this section is to reward you for your earnings, hence the name ” Earning Quests”. Earn 1000 coins, get a reward, earn 3,000 get a reward, and so on and so forth until you’ve reached total earnings of 119,000 total coins earned. This section will keep rewarding you as long as you keep adding coins to your lifetime earnings total.

Offer Quests

This section is filled with 21 quests all based on your progress of completing surveys and offers, and rewards you depending on the value of the offer you complete or on the number of offers you’ve completed.

For example, if you complete an Offer From Aye-T Studios, your first completion will earn you an extra 320 bonus coins. Another example is if you complete 10 surveys or offers from any provider you’ll be rewarded with an extra 1,200 coins.

The final quest in this section will reward you with 4,000 coins when you complete an Offer Worth 50,000 Coins.

Streak Quests

There are 60 quest rewards to acquire in this section. The Streak quests are meant to reward you for your daily activity. If you can complete for example a PTC ad every day for 16 days, you’ll earn 34,800 additional bonus coins just from this section.

Wow, that’s almost $3.50 right there just in bonus coins! As I’m sure you are noticing, there are tons of opportunities to earn multiple dollars in bonuses alone on Cointiply. Are you excited yet?

Bonus Quests

The final quest section I’ll talk about is called the bonus quests section. There are 17 quests to complete here. This area will reward you for other types of activity that don’t fit into the other quest categories. Things such as using your coins to purchase a PTC ad of your own, or Join, qualify and receive Coins from at least one Cointiply Chat rain pool.

Like I said at the start of this post, I really enjoy playing around on There are so many aspects of this website from the basics of earning through a list of well-established survey and offer providers, to mixing it up with the Cointiply arena, to being able to earn tens of thousands of coins by completing the various quests that they offer to their users.

If you’re looking for a fun, highly engaging, and different from the rest type of earning website, Cointiply is definitely for you.