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Cash-out XYO on the COIN app or save and earn interest?

Well, it took roughly 20 days to earn the required 10,000 coins on the COIN app to withdraw my earnings in XYO. It took so long this time because I was only using the built-in features such as Geomining, witnessing, and collecting Geodrops after reaching my destination when I used the gamified travel option or the exercising feature where I earn a Geodrop after reaching the step goals I have set. I was also testing out and exploring the app.

I ended up earning a few thousand coins but not nearly as much as I earned on the final day by supplementing my in-app mining earnings with some surveys.

I estimated I have about $6.00 saved up with a little more than 12,700 coins in my balance. I have a few options here.

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  • I can take my earnings and exchange them for XYO and send them to my Coinbase wallet. In the app you can earn extra interest on any XYO balance you hold in your Coinbase wallet, paid daily. You just have to connect your wallet to take part.
  • I can keep earning and saving while collecting interest until I reach what is currently 1,027,300 coins and cash out .025 BTC. The number of coins needed changes with the price of Bitcoin.
  • I can keep earning and saving while collecting interest until I reach what is currently 3,187,660 coins and cash out 1 eth. Again, the number of coins needed to cash out 1 eth changes with the price of Ethereum.
  • I can save my coins and use them to purchase a number of cool electronics like a google Chromecast, a Fossil Smart Watch, an Apple Ipad, and even an Oculus Quest 2 to name a few.
  • I can use the coins in my balance (from 10 to 1,000 coins) to purchase entries to win an ever-changing list of sweet prize items such as a Playstation 5, 100,000 XYO cryptocurrency, a Samsung 65-inch 4k TV, a Ledger Nano X, and more. You can even enter an unlimited number of times via postcard!

I want to cash out on the COIN app so I can do a review of the cashout process. Still, I’d also like to continue collecting interest on the coins I get for Geomining, witnessing, surveys, and the other tasks and opportunities they offer to eventually cash out a few hundred dollars or more in the near future.

I use the app a LOT, every day so if I keep mixing in the survey rewards it shouldn’t take too many months to save up a million or more coins. What do you think? Talk about it in the FMI Community Forum