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Being Creative – How I’m turning an image into a story to be released on Twitter.

The hunt for free money online usually leads most of us in the direction of playing games or completing endless surveys which, don’t get me wrong are great ways of earning a few extra bucks. For example, while I was writing this post, I had an app that I am testing open on my phone the whole time and collected nearly 60,000 coins. I can convert 12,000 of those coins to Paypal deposits of $1.25 (in pounds) each, stay tuned for that post! These apps, sites, and blog posts dominate the search results and for a good reason, the referral potential of a blog post pushing an app that lands in the top 5 results can be outrageous, life-changing in fact, at least in the short term.

What I don’t see and what I want to talk about today is one of the ways that you do not see advertised because, frankly, there is no referral program to push and as you’ve found throughout life most people are only interested in talking about what makes them money in hopes you yourself follow their same path via their referral link because they only make more if you follow them.

Surveys, games, and doing tasks for others are nice but it is only one small sector in the free money online economy. As the saying goes ” you don’t get rich working for someone else”. If you’re serious about finding larger amounts of free money online you have some more options, if you’re up to it.

The creator’s economy is ablaze with new ways to earn online simply by creating content and marketing it in creative ways.

Over the past two weeks, I have been working on a creative idea I had to mix a popular new subject commonly referred to as AI image generation or text-to-image, and creative writing. I decided to connect the images together into a story with the use of some creative writing.

My goal is to release the story and images, chapter by chapter, on Twitter which is a pretty creative way to do such a release. To earn from my creative work, the images will be available for purchase as NFTs. Also, the unedited long-form version of the story will also be available as an NFT once the story is finished being posted on Twitter.

I created/acquired everything I needed like the Twitter account and domain name. I also already had an account to create the NFTs on the polygon blockchain to eliminate minting fees on my end and I also utilized the free services provided by the Grammarly Chrome plugin to make sure my writing is nice and tidy. I’ve been using the plugin for years and love how it helps out and really enjoy the weekly updates I get in my email telling me all about my writing.

To market my project, I first contacted the co-founder of the AI software that was used to create the images and suggested he follow the new Twitter account, which he did. That in itself should be a great opportunity to gain some exposure.

My next order of business is to contact others on Twitter and beyond who share the same interests that are found in the story to let them know and invite them to also follow the account so they too can enjoy the story. Hopefully, these attempts will help to speed up the following that the story acquires on Twitter.

Like I said earlier, this is but one of the many ways to earn some side money from simply being creative and employing some basic knowledge to create a unique product that you can offer to the public and potentially earn a significant income from.

If you read my free money blog or keep up with my various writings you know I love sharing my ideas with you in hopes one of those ideas helps you and your family out at some point.

This project, however simple it may seem is no small task. I’ve spent many hours researching the subject matter so my story makes sense to those with advanced knowledge yet not so advanced in words so everyone no matter what knowledge level you have of the subject will be enjoyable and not overly technical.

The creation of images even though they are AI-generated from my text descriptions also has to make sense in terms of distance from stars, potential atmosphere types, and how all that comes together to create the possible colors of the plant life living on the planets I explore in the story. I do sway away from this thinking the further we get from the known universe as there really is no data so I’m given more leeway in terms of what is discovered.

I would absolutely love to have you follow the account on Twitter so that when I release it you can follow along. I plan to get pretty deep into the story.

Without getting too descriptive and spoiling the story, I’ll give you a brief introduction.

The story is called EVEYear Odyssey, It is a journey into AI-generated image creation set in deep space many lightyears from Earth. EVEYear is an artificial intelligence program onboard the HV-MUEV. One of the many tasks that EVEYear performs is to communicate and report to the public about the discoveries found along the way. EVEYear stands for “Extragalactic visual eye and artificial reporter” and is the program that will be posting the discovery and jump updates on Twitter.

It’s a fascinating story that even delves into populating distant habitable planets, but the discoveries and being able to visualize these planets that have never been seen in image before are a big part of the story.

To follow along simply click the image below to be taken to the Twitter account for EVEYear Odyssey. It would mean a lot to me, if you find the story exciting, please share this post and join me on this exciting journey!

To get back to the main point of this post, don’t get stuck on surveys and games, partake by all means, but don’t get blinded by all the hype like they are the only opportunity out there. There are vast amounts of ways to be creative and earn as well. What I just talked about is just one way to be creative in the pursuit of free money online. Stick around, follow me and read my blog posts for more ideas, tips, and alerts to great ways to find free money online.

Thanks for reading. Now, go create something awesome! See ya around!