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3 Instant Money Sites You can Cash out from FAST

In the sea of free money sites, it’s hard to find the ones that will be fair and actually give you quick, free money without having to save, and save, and save your points to cash out unreachable cashout goals.

I test a lot of sites and apps each week, looking for sites that have seriously low cash-out goals and a strong supply of fast and easy offers.

This post is about 3 android mobile apps that I’ve recently tested. Each app has a large welcome bonus, low cash-out, and abundant offers, and has successfully paid me to Paypal, multiple times.

Free Money Tips:

Did you know, the COIN app has a built-in feature that you can use to leave geo-drops on any tile? These drops contain a "note" that you can define and accept using links. This is a great way to advertise your website or referral links. The cost is taken out of your balance so the more you geo-mine the more geo-drops you can leave in active places for people to find and be introduced to your message and link. Pretty cool!


Each of the three sites below all start out at 4499 coins with the first cash out at 4999 coins. Easily obtained on your first app download. I never use an app for longer than 10-12 minutes. when it’s based on how many minutes you are using the app the distance in time between how many minutes it takes to earn your next coin bonus gets longer and longer. I got into coin masters a few days ago and after a while, my coin bonus was nearly 4,000 coins but it was going to take me 28,000 seconds to reach it.

If you’re really into a game you don’t need to delete it, just keep playing and forget about the coin bonus from one of the sites below and you’ll have a nice cash reward to cash out for playing your favorite game whenever you want. But, that’s not the point here. I’m after a steady flow of coins and racking up my balance on each site I use

On each of these mobile apps, I make sure to be thinking ahead of what my phone will be doing and if it will be idle for a while like it is now, sitting on the bed next to me when it normally would be doing nothing I have a new download running and earning coins each minute its open playing or not. If it’s active it’s earning.

When I’m writing I always have an app earning from one of these three sites and mining XYO crypto with others in the background. After maybe 15 minutes I’ll check and see if the coins per minute have changed enough to warrant an app change. Because what I’m after is the most coins I can earn per minute, it’s pointless to keep an app going if it’s only earning 17 coins per minute when compared to say, 190 coins per minute.

If I quickly deleted and download a new app, I’ll be earning more than 17 coins per minute by switching out to a new app offer. That’s why I say switch your apps out every 10-15 minutes to maximize your earnings.

Each of these apps has sent my requested payments to Paypal. I’ve also received each amazon gift card I requested. I’ll be using the amazon gift cards to help offset the cost of a solar power system my wife and I will be buying to run our soon-to-be home in Hawai’i. You can be sure I’ll be earning Swagbucks when I buy the stuff we need on Amazon!

The three sites below have all paid me when I requested and are usually sent within 4-7 hours of being requested. Each has the same features and pays when a request is made.

All three of these free money apps also pay you 25% of my earnings so join through this page and you’ll be ahead of the game with a bonus on top of your own earnings!

Earn Free Money with cash'em all

#1. Cash’em All – Total Earned $25.25 in Paypal – Join Here or Read Review

#2. Cash Alarm – Total Earned $2.50 in Paypal & $2.50 in Amazon gift cards – Join Here

#3. Money Well – Total Earned $1 in Paypal and $2.50 in Amazon gift cards. – Join Here