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It makes me feel good to know that if I hadn’t told all these people how easy it is to earn cash and crypto here they never would have earned these big rewards! I’ve tested many apps and websites that claimed easy rewards and although I’ve found many that did I found a ton that didn’t. That is why I talk exclusively about my most trusted site. I don’t want you to go anywhere else because I’ve probably been there already and it won’t compare to FreeCash.


I tested so many that I even created this website called to document it all, but in the end; out of all those apps, sites, and crypto faucets, this one tops my top performers.

I’ve earned more than $450 which has gone directly to my Coinbase account in the form of LTC where I either exchange it for something else that I’m collecting or convert it to USDC so I can spend it on my Coinbase Visa debit card offline in stores.

For me, living on a fixed income, being able to cover small incidentals like gas or valet parking fee at the hospital for doctor visits when I’m running low on money during the month is a lifesaver sometimes and all I need to do is open my phone and click on their app where ever I am, I always have access to a few bucks pretty quick when I need it.


So, how did I earn all that? Well, look at the graphic below. I downloaded a game that looked like fun and I started leveling up until I hit my max reward and then deleted it and downloaded another fun game. I just repeat that process. I also completed many surveys which can be time-consuming but are an endless source of coins.


See for yourself & follow this special link by clicking on the image below for a case worth up to $250 to get you started, available only with my link:


>If you join Follow and DM me on X here and let me know, be sure to include your username.<

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