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Discover the joy of earning cash and crypto effortlessly! Having tested numerous apps and websites, I’ve come across both successes and disappointments. That’s why I always share insights about my most trusted platform—FreeCash first. I’ve explored various options, and none compare to the rewards and reliability you’ll find here. Join me on a journey where earning is not just easy, but also rewarding and FUN. Your success story begins with FreeCash.

I tested so many that I even created this website called to document it all, but in the end; out of all those apps, sites, and crypto faucets, this one tops my top performers.

I’ve earned more than $450 which has gone directly to my Coinbase account in the form of LTC where I either exchange it for something else that I’m collecting or convert it to USDC so I can spend it on my Coinbase Visa debit card offline in stores. I’ve also recently started sending every third cash out to my Amazon account for a future spending spree!

For me, living on a fixed income, being able to cover small incidentals like gas or valet parking fee at the hospital for doctor visits when I’m running low on money during the month is a lifesaver sometimes and all I need to do is open my phone and click on their app where ever I am, I always have access to a few bucks pretty quick when I need it just by spending some dedicated time doing surveys or leveling up in a game.

So, how did I earn all that? Well, look at the graphic below. I downloaded a game that looked like fun, and I started leveling up until I hit my max reward and then deleted it and downloaded another fun game. I just repeat that process. I also completed many surveys which can be time-consuming but are an endless source of coins.

See for yourself & follow this special link by clicking here for a case worth up to $250 to get you started, available only with my link.

Check out My 2nd Favorite earnings website and discover the Crypto differences, and why I like it so much.

Free Money Tips:

Did you know, the COIN app has a built-in feature that you can use to leave geo-drops on any tile? These drops contain a "note" that you can define and accept using links. This is a great way to advertise your website or referral links. The cost is taken out of your balance so the more you geo-mine the more geo-drops you can leave in active places for people to find and be introduced to your message and link. Pretty cool!